We are a new Irish healthcare company, set up to provide patients with direct access to some of the best medical care and hospitals across Europe. Our vision is to make European healthcare accessible to all EU citizens.

Trasna is the brainchild of Martin O’Rourke, BUPA Ireland founder, who commented, “There are waiting lists throughout the EU, including over 700,000 patients in Ireland. Trasna offers a light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of patients, many of whom are suffering needlessly, by giving them direct access to medical care across Europe”.

In 2015, the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive (CBH) was transposed into law by all 28 Member states. Since then, all EU citizens are automatically entitled to seek healthcare in any other EU state and be reimbursed by their own state, up to the cost of the treatment at home. For example, a patient requiring a hip or knee replacement, can travel within the EU to get the procedure done, pay for it themselves, and on returning home get reimbursed by the HSE up to amount the treatment would have cost in Ireland.