Frequently Asked Questions

At Trasna, we want to make sure you fully understand your EU entitlement and the service we offer you, so please take a look at some frequently asked questions or talk to one of our Care Managers on 051 349710

What sort of costs will a patient incur?2019-06-18T00:47:19+00:00

The HSE issues their reimbursement rates for each procedure and we can advise patients before they travel what they can expect in terms of reimbursement from the HSE for their treatment.
Before the patient travels we present a choice of hospitals and their costs for that treatment. Then a patient and doctor, can select the hospital that most suits their needs. In the options we present, some hospitals will offer treatment close to the reimbursement rate therefore the patient will get most of this reimbursed and then others may charge slightly above the rate and patient would incur some of the cost. Either way the patient will be fully informed before they make their decision.
The patient does not get reimbursed from the HSE for travel, hotel accommodation or other out-of-pocket expenses. We will help the patient estimate how much these items would cost. We also help with patients seeking funding from their bank/credit union.

What is Trasna?2019-06-18T00:46:01+00:00

Trasna is a new Irish Healthcare service, helping patients use their EU entitlement to access state-of the art treatments and hospitals across Europe.
Transa navigates the journey with patients. From the initial enquiry it presents suitable hospital options and assists with all the practical details. We support patients from start to finish, aiming to make the process as hassle free as possible. We have arrangements with quality hospital groups which give patients the important reassurance that they are being treated in internationally accredited hospitals with the highest standard of care.

Who is eligible?2019-06-18T00:44:58+00:00

It is available to anyone entitled to healthcare in Ireland. You do not need to be on a waiting list to be eligible for this scheme.

How will I know what the costs for my treatment would be in an Irish hospital, so I know the reimbursement rate?2019-06-18T00:43:59+00:00

The HSE publishes these figures on their website and Trasna can assist you in understanding which cost applies to your treatment.

When do I get my reimbursement from the HSE?2019-06-18T00:43:10+00:00

On your return, you submit the required paperwork with the help of Trasna. The HSE aim to reimburse you within 28 days on receipt of the paperwork. Reimbursement relates only to treatment costs. Expenses such as travel, accommodation and other subsistence costs (outside of your hospital stay) are not reimbursed by the HSE.

What exactly does Trasna do?2019-06-18T00:42:12+00:00
  • Assists the patient and their doctor in sourcing a quality accredited hospital to treat their specific needs
  • Liaises with the hospital and their medical team on the patients’ behalf
  • Helps with the practical details relating to further diagnostics and any pre-travel medical tests required
  • Provides the patient with a detailed itinerary of their treatment and care before travel
  • Helps them with the practical details relating to financing and offers, travel, transfer and accommodation recommendations
  • Assists with all the paperwork relating to getting their reimbursement for their treatment from the HSE
Is this the same as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC or E111) or the Treatment Abroad Scheme?2019-06-18T00:41:20+00:00

No, this is different. This is for people that choose to travel to another member state for treatment which is available in Ireland. The European Health Insurance Card is used when you have an unexpected medical incident while you were in an EU member state. The Treatment Abroad Scheme is concerned with approved treatment which is not available in Ireland.

Which healthcare is available under the scheme?2019-06-18T00:40:25+00:00

With very few exceptions e.g. organ transplants, the scheme covers treatments that are available ‘at home’ and are covered under the Irish public system. See our Treatment page for some common treatments

What is the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive?2019-06-18T00:28:55+00:00

The EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive has been put into the national law in each of 28 EU state member states. Under the Directive, European patients may choose to be treated in any member state of their choice. This means patients can travel to any EU member state, pay for their treatment and be reimbursed by their home state (HSE) up to the level they would have received at home for the same procedure.

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