What does it cost?

At Trasna, we do not charge you for our service.  (We receive an administration fee from the hospital you choose).

Before you travel, we make sure you are aware of all the costs you are likely to incur.

The HSE requires you to pay the hospital first and on your return home submit a form with relevant paperwork to get the reimbursement rate back.

We can advise you on HSE reimbursement rates and assist with getting finance from your Bank/Credit Union.  Remember the HSE doesn’t reimburse any costs that you incurred like flights, taxis, and general out-of-pocket expenses.

We present you with a choice of hospitals with their costs.  

Example: Patients traveling for a Hip Replacement:

  • The HSE reimbursement rate for a Hip Replacement is up to €10,927
  • The cost of a standard hip replacement ranges from €10,500 – € 13,950 depending on your choice of hospital and location.
  • The HSE do not reimburse for travel, hotels and any other out-of- pocket expenses

Patient travels to a hospital in Oslo for hip replacement which costs €10, 500 the HSE will allow reimbursement of €10, 500, therefore there will be no shortfall on the treatment cost.

Patient travels to a hospital in London for a hip replacement costs €13,950, the HSE will allow reimbursement of €10,927.  The patient will have contributed €3,023 towards the treatment costs.